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Social Networking FAQ

What We Can Do For You With Social Media

  1. Would you like a way to connect and network with others in your industry and share your views?
  2. Would you like to get instant access to what is being said about your organization, industry and products?
  3. Would you like a steady stream of ideas, content, links, resources, and tips focused on your area of expertise?
  4. Would you like to extend the reach of your thought leadership (blog posts)?
  5. Would you like to promote your products and services to a target audience?

How We Can Do This Through Social Media

  1. We will build your network by following industry thought leaders and potential joint venture partners and they will in turn follow you. Messages will be exchanged and business relationships will ensue.
  2. With the tools we have available, we can track whenever someone mentions the name of your
  3. business on the social networks. This is a great tool for Online Reputation Management.
  4. By following thought leaders in your industry, we can extract and leverage all the latest developments in your industry.
  5. By posting links to your blog on the social networks you can access an even bigger audience than just publishing on your website alone.
  6. With tools we have you can locate people and companies on the social networks that are the target audience for your products, engage them in conversation and also promote your products at the same time.

Summary of the Business Uses of Social Media

  1. Brand Building. By expanding your online presence through a social network profile.
  2. Reputation Management. Monitor what people are saying about your company online.
  3. Website Traffic Generation – through links back to your site in your social network profile and updates
  4. Strategic Content Sharing. Share key events, ideas, observations and blog posts.
  5. Market Research. Gather information, conduct surveys.
  6. Promotions. Publicize and market products and services.
  7. Affiliate Marketing. Use affiliate links to promote and recommend products and services offered by strategic partners.

Turn Your Customers into Passionate Advocates
With social media marketing you can now create advocates for your brand and products instead of buying them. How is this possible? Consider these facts:

  • “Advertising is shifting from experiences to participation.” In other words, the goal of customer engagement is shifting from just trying to create a positive experience with the product to getting the customer to actually participate in the product or company’s fan community. The goal is now to get customers to participate on the company’s Facebook page and other social media sites.
  • “Of the users of social media: 1% are content creators, 10% are content-extenders, and 89% are consumers.” 1% of users are super engaged and actually create content. 10% of users mainly use their mouse and help distribute content by commenting, liking, etc. and thereby share the content with their friends. And the 89% of users that are left just consume the material they are exposed to and don’t do much else.
  • “Users like good content and they don’t care where it comes from.” This means that content related to your brand or product that is created by the customers themselves can be viewed as just as valuable as content you create by the users of social media sites.
  • “We provide little bits of “fame” to social media users when they participate and create content that is shared through our social media profiles and fan pages.” We might not realize it, but one of the things we give back to the users of our social media profiles is their 15 minutes of fame. A powerful incentive to participate for many users.