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BizPro Portal Website

BizPro is a full featured portal website platform running on a powerful SQL database infrastructure. A full-featured Content Management System (CMS) is the center point of the BizPro platform. This user friendly, yet powerful content management system includes WYSIWYG editing, approval settings, custom fields and more. Only basic word processing skills are needed to use system.

BizPro Portal Application includes:

  • Global Search. Search content and modules on the website by keyword phrase.
  • WYSIWYG Editor. “What you see is what you get” user friendly text editor manages content and website styling with minimum effort.
  • Polling. Create, maintain, and display polls and results.
  • Photo Gallery. A fully integrated photo gallery manager.
  • News. Write, edit, post and display news, articles and information on the website. Includes features not found in most blog applications.
  • Blog. Fully integrated blog module will help take your social networking to the next level.
  • Newsletter. An administrative support newsletter system.
  • Calendar. Interactive calendar module to display events on pages.
  • File Uploading. Allows users to easily upload files to the website.
  • Glossary. Easily create a list of terms which will appear in a paginated list on the website.
  • Forms. Manage all contact forms with this custom interface.
  • User Management. Creation and management of users who log into the website.
  • Comments Module. A module that gives visitors the ability to leave comments.
  • Google Sitemap. Auto generates Google site map of your entire website. A great built-in SEO tool.
  • Compliance. Fully compliant with XHTML and CSS standards.
  • Navigation Management. The ability to auto generate menus for easy to manage navigation
  • Page Themes. If needed, we can easily create a different theme for each page
  • Design and Styling Stability. Once the overall design is created, it is protected and cannot be altered through the content editor, preserving the look and brand imaging of your website.
  • Multiple Content Areas. You can create multiple content areas on each page, allowing for maximum layout and design flexibility.