Where the Marketing Ends,
and the Conversation Begins.

by: Ken Mays    August 4, 2020

It’s a fact. 26% of all online marketing dollars are currently wasted on ineffective strategies. So how do you discover, develop, and execute an Internet marketing program that will drive real customers to your website? It starts with hiring a marketing team that specializes in all things Internet. Here at Mays, we’ve been developing websites since the mid-90’s when the web was an infant. Since that time, we have grown in sync with the Internet, embracing new technology as it comes along. In fact, Mays was an early adopter of responsive website technology. We were developing mobile friendly websites long before it became a must have.

Is your Website and Internet Marketing program failing to bring you enough business? Contact us for a free analysis of your current website and Internet marketing program. If everything looks good, we’ll let you know. If there is room for improvement, we put together an affordable program that will ramp up your Internet footprint and bring you more business.

Here is what May will do for your business:

  • Create effective, targeted communication that builds lasting relationships with current customers and lets you reach ideal customers in larger numbers.
  • Implement a strategic foundation that improves the effectiveness of your website and your entire marketing program.
  • Build a website that wows customers with your story and brand message, then compels them to take action.

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About The Author : Ken Mays

An award-winning writer and designer with over 35 years of industry experience, Ken Mays is President & Creative Director of Mays & Associates, a website development, marketing and graphic design company located in Columbia, Maryland. Mays specializes in responsive website designs that automatically adapt to mobile devices, SEO, online advertising, email and social network marketing