Beware, but don’t be scared… Ransomware!

by: Sana    May 12, 2017

Malicious attacks against your technology can come in multiple ways, from the classic Virus, Malware, Worms, and Trojan Horses, to Spyware, Adware, and Bloatware, to Phishing and Active Hacking, all the way to the topic we will cover today…  Ransomware/Scareware. Just last week, a huge Phishing attack was centered around a shared Google Document with some […]

The weathers warming up, and the Phishers have come out

by: Sana    May 4, 2017

Hey everyone, Sana Tabesh here, you know, that IT guy at Mays & Associates. Its spring time, the world is beautiful and pollen is spreading, so we all know we have got to take care of our health, and just the same we should take care of our Tech. There has recently been a rash […]

Harness the Power of Video Marketing

by: Ken    March 14, 2016

The fastest way to knowledge and enlightenment in today’s fast paced world is accomplished best by viewing a video.  It’s sad but true.  Reading text, whether online or on a printed page is just too slow, and often uninspiring.  The printed word can expose consumers to the basics of your products and services but it […]

Why Do You Need a Blog?

by: Kevin    February 5, 2016

Why Blog? In a world filled with Facebook likes, celebrity tweets, and cat videos, it seems as though blogs are a thing of the past, and everyone has one. Neighbors, friends, family members and even household pets have a blog (because we really want to know what Sparky’s favorite biscuit flavor is). However, even though […]