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by: Sana S Tabesh    May 4, 2017

Hey everyone, Sana Tabesh here, you know, that IT guy at Mays & Associates.

Its spring time, the world is beautiful and pollen is spreading, so we all know we have got to take care of our health, and just the same we should take care of our Tech.

There has recently been a rash of Phishing attacks (compromising peoples email accounts) that are disguised as a shared google doc.

so, if you get one, try to confirm with the sender that this is in-fact something they intended to send you.

At least 1 known mailing address of this is as well as other accounts that may be in your contacts

at least 1 known subject line is: “NAME has shared a document on Google Doc with you” with the NAME┬ábeing that of a phished acquaintance

Heres a link for more reading

Have a great Spring! and go fishing, not phishing

About The Author : Sana S Tabesh

A Full Stack Developer who has a Bachelors of Science in Information Systems from UMBC, with a passion for Database & Systems Administration, as well as general IT. Sana is former drummer in a Death Metal band and currently an Adeptus Astartes, defending humanity throughout the galaxy in the 41st millennia.