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Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Web Design That Engage Visitors

The design, development and implementation of a quality website that accurately positions your company with current and potential customers is essential to your success. At Mays, we’ve been designing websites for businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies since 1995. Our experienced and highly skilled team of writers, designers and programmers will create a website that tells your story, builds your brand, and reaches your audience.

Here what separates us from other web design companies:

  1. We will craft a captivating message that separates you from your competition and positions you as an industry influencer and thought leader. Today’s web design is all about story telling that reaches people, instead of just promoting the transactional relationship.
  2. Develop and position Call-To-Action (CTAs) on every page, making it easy for potential clients to contact you.  Carefully crafted CTAs create business leads.
  3. Give your website a WOW factor, using video, infographics and images that instantly engage visitors, compelling them to stay on your website, separating you from the 1.8 billion websites on the Internet.
  4. Develop a modern, mobile friendly website viewable on all devices. Over 64% of all internet searches now originate on mobile devices. Our mobile-first web development philosophy will make your website shine on mobile. Best of all, we’ll develop a scalable website that will grow with your business.
  5. Create a high end website design that builds trust and confidence in your business. High quality design matters. Research shows that 75 percent of visitors judge the credibility of a business based upon its website design.
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Website Features

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  • Custom Website Design – Developed to fit your brand and needs
  • Responsive Website Framework – Fluid web pages that adapt to the users viewing environment (Desktop, tablet, mobile phone, etc.)
  • User-Friendly CMS – Content management systems give you the ability to adjust and maintain your website content.
  • Custom Graphics & Illustrations – Imagery that supports your brand and maintains the overall look of your website design.
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Perfect for the start up business.  Just enough features to effectively brand your business and get you started on the path to success.  Sometimes less is more.

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The standard choice.  You want most of the features, but not ALL the features.  Perfect for most businesses.  It gets the job done.

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You want everything? You got everything.  The best choice for content heavy websites. Includes all major website features.  If we build it, they will come.

Custom Web Template Design
Basic Animation & Slider
Advanced Animation & Slider
Basic Functionality & Plugins
Extended Functionality & Plugins
Basic API Integration
Advanced API Integration
eCommerce Solutions

Website Design Process

  • Presentation of design concepts and a recommended flow chart showing website architecture and navigation system.
  • Client review and revisions (as needed).
  • Final website design selection.
  • Following client approval of the final website design, The Mays Creative Team begins programming and construction of the final website.
  • The site will be constructed in a special previews area on the Mays development platform, accessible to the client while the site is under development.
  • During this phase, the client provides text, content, and any personal graphics as needed to Mays.
  • Mays will begin testing the site functionality, fine tuning the responsive framework to ensure fluid adaptation to the users viewing environment (desktop, tablet, mobile phone, etc.).
  • Features such as sliders, galleries, contact forms, and other add-ons will be tested to ensure proper functionality.
  • Mays will train you and your staff on CMS, File Manager and any other related applications that are part of the website development contract.
  • Once the client is satisfied with training and the final page construction, the website will "go live" on the Mays Hosting Platform.
  • After the new website goes live, Mays will host the site, providing regular updating and maintenance of the website.
  • Mays will also provide ongoing training & support to help clients use the content management system more effectively and efficiently.
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