Where the Marketing Ends,
and the Conversation Begins.

by: Kev S Kim    February 5, 2016

Why Blog?

In a world filled with Facebook likes, celebrity tweets, and cat videos, it seems as though blogs are a thing of the past, and everyone has one. Neighbors, friends, family members and even household pets have a blog (because we really want to know what Sparky’s favorite biscuit flavor is). However, even though blogs may feel outdated, they can still be a key part of sharing knowledge across the web and an important factor in growing your business.

We know what a blog is, but what is it really?

To really discover the importance of a blog, we need to examine what exactly it is (even if you already think you do).

blog” noun (combination of the word web and log)

1. a regularly updated website or page written in an informal or conversational style.

If having a website is equivalent to having a brick & mortar building in real life, then your blog represents your in-store bulletin board. Blogs are a primary point of customer engagement and the only point of interaction and contribution where you reach a large audience. It’s the part of the website where you stop marketing and start having a conversation with your visitors. You want to encourage them to stick around, and to “tune in next time.”

But okay, say you’ve got readers who are coming in week after week. Where do you go from there?


Converting Readers to Leads, and Leads to Clients. 

blog graphic text test bold inner

According to our nifty little process graphic above, we need to convert those new leads into clients. We can accomplish that by applying proper FORM;

  • Freshness
  • Originality
  • Relevance
  • Merit

Keep it fresh.  Provide new information on current trends and topics.

Be original.  Approach an old topic with a new perspective.

Remain relevant. Posts about Cat-Grooming Tips and Gluten-Free Pizzas don’t belong on a blog about Innovative Management Solutions. And vice versa.

Earn merit. Adhere to the above standards, be consistent, and have a strong opinion that others want to take in.

Blogs give your brand a voice, but following good FORM gives your brand an audience. The bigger your audience, the better conversion from lead to client.

Following these guidelines is the best way to create the foundation of your blog but it’s really only the surface. There’s still plenty more to what goes into making your blog explode across the web. But take these first steps, and you’ll be on your way to success.

About The Author : Kev S Kim

As a Web Developer and Social Media Strategist for Mays & Associates, Kevin stays current on social network trends and finds ways to implement them into your brand or business' marketing strategy and then integrate it with your website. His favorite idea is being creative.