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Add Creative Fire to Your Brand Messaging with Multimedia Design from Mays

Need a little creative fire for your brand?  Mays excels in branding through video and multimedia solutions. With a wide assortment of multimedia options at your disposal, our team can create high quality television spots, impact web videos, or elaborate web animations.  We are experts at combining text, images, audio, video, and amination to create one-of-a-kind multimedia experiences that compel your potential clients to take action.

Television Production

Our ADDY award winning creative team does it all: concept development, scriptwriting, directing, filming, and post-production.


From development of a shot list to shooting each scene, our videography team will bring your products and services to life. With a 95% engagement rate, video remains the best way to move your brand forward.

Interactive Design

By adding multimedia design elements to your website or presentation that allows your audience to interact with your message, Mays can take your lead generation to the next level.


Static graphics are boring and easy for website visitors to ignore. The Mays Web Team are experts at animating graphics, logos, and icons to compel website visitors to pay attention to your messages.

Looking for a Creative Edge?

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