Get the Creative Edge In Website Design, Graphic Design and Internet Marketing

With over 30 years of experience in responsive, mobile friendly website design, Internet marketing, graphic design, Mays & Associates is the creative edge your business needs to optimize its Internet footprint.  Headquartered in Columbia, Maryland, Mays works with businesses of all shapes and sizes, from nonprofit organizations and government agencies to small business owners and large corporations.  Mays & Associates is on the cutting edge of Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Website Platforms. Let the Mays creative team take your business to the next level with a full-featured responsive, mobile-friendly website platform with a powerful content management system (CMS).

Target New Customers With Result-Driven Website Design And Optimized Content

Build your Internet brand and website using the latest in web video, CSS animations, PHP, and HTML5 to create a Wow factor on your website to engage clients, establish confidence and build trust. Mays website development services include a comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO) program using the top SEO tools in the industry. We also offer a full suite of Internet marketing services including Google Ads, social media campaigns, Google My Business (GMB) management, content creation, video marketing, email marketing, corporate logo design, branding and earned media programs.

Go beyond the website design with Mays marketing, advertising and graphic design services. From brand messaging & corporate logo design to print collateral, television, exhibit, and video production, Mays is a full service marketing company, ready to position your brand at the top of your industry.

Here Is What the Mays Web Team Will Do For Your Business

  • Create effective, targeted content that builds lasting relationships with current customers and lets you reach ideal customers in larger numbers.
  • Implement a strategic foundation that improves the effectiveness of your website and your entire marketing program.
  • Build a website that wows customers with your story and brand message, then compels them to take action.
  • Design a website with a visual wow factor that uses video, animation and high-quality graphics to draw customers to your messaging
  • Chunk content into easy to scan and read modules to facilitate user interaction
  • Use top industry search phrases and keywords to optimize your website for search, driving quality visitors to your website.

Website Design

Discover the 360-Degree Brand View

Imagine a 360-degree view of your brand. Pulling together all the elements of your marketing in one powerful branding blueprint.  Consistent. Cohesive. Mission Connected. With the four major building blocks of your brand: Graphic Design. Website development. Animation and Video. Advertising and Marketing.  In Sync. In Touch. Engaged. Become the sum of all your parts. We’ll tell your story, build your brand and reach your audience. A comprehensive approach to marketing geared to valuing current clients and cultivating new ones. That’s the power of the 360-degree view. That’s the power of Mays.

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Looking for a Creative Edge?

Contact Mays & Associates today to setup a meeting to discuss your project. You can call us at 410.964.9701 or email
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Experienced Team

Our team of designers, programmers, and marketing professionals have the tools and knowledge to deliver results.

Our Skills:

  • Responsive Website Design & Development
  • Online/Offline Creative Marketing & Advertising
  • Graphic Design Solutions & Branding
  • Television Spots, Web Videos, & Animation

9 Compelling Reasons to Hire Mays

The Mays approach to responsive website design optimizes your new website on all devices from desktop to mobile phones and computer tablets. Your website project is developed, tested, maintained and continuously monitored by the Mays Team. Because your new website will be on a dedicated, secure hosting platform, Mays has full control of hosting and can add new technology as soon as it becomes available.

Mays has over a quarter of a century of outside-the-box thinking and the development of proven creative strategies that produce measurable results and build brand-awareness. Our in-house team of designers, writers, programmers, marketers, SEO, social and traditional media specialists is unmatched in talent and skill set.

Talent is important but when combined with experience, it is an unbeatable combination. Mays has been designing and developing websites since 1995, when the first web browser turned the Internet into an information super highway. We are proud of this longevity but are equally proud of our reputation as an early adopter of emerging technology. We were the first web team in Maryland to offer affordable, data base driven websites with content management systems to local businesses and were an early adopter of “responsive” website frameworks.

We represent a wide range of industries, both commercial and non-profit. Everything from the science of the human genome to diet & nutrition. From banking & real estate to arts & entertainment. From computer software that stops cyber terrorists to philanthropy that assists the poorest of the poor in the third world countries. Our diverse portfolio of clients chose us because we can think outside the “industry box” and give them a fresh perspective.

Mays’ dedicated hosting platform is located in the largest and most secure data center in the country and is mirrored in multiple geographic locations to ensure the stability and continual running of your website. Fully PCI compliant (the highest level of security), the servers are monitored 24/7. Fiber connections to data centers throughout the country ensure blazing speed and maximum reliability.

When you hire Mays, you are accessing much more than the experience and talents of a web development company. You are hiring a digital marketing, communications and design company with a much broader view. Our capabilities include search engine optimization, social network marketing, online marketing, flash development, blogging, mobile phone apps, email marketing, online shopping and more. Mays also produces superior print collateral, print ads, television spots, trade show displays, logo design and other creative services for traditional media venues. Our team is accomplished in addressing all of the dimensions of your vision, and turning that vision into a reality that has a far-reaching and positive impact on your audience.

Although we have a lot of experience at building brands from the ground up, we are also an experienced and reliable brand steward. We will honor your current brand identity and position it on the Internet so it integrates seamlessly with all of your other marketing components. We are also great team players and enjoy working with other marketing companies to help build and extend brand messaging.

Building your new website is only the beginning. Attractive, easy to navigate websites are critical to engaging and keeping today’s internet user. However, the “backend” and programming code of your new website is of equal importance. Today’s websites must be “optimized” for the major search engines, especially Google and Bing. This is a complex task and if not completed properly, could result in a major drop in search engine rankings that may take months to correct. Mays has the capability to build and manage your search engine rankings during and after launch of your new website. Best of all, our customer service focused staff will provide additional support and training whenever you need it.

The process for developing a successful website is becoming more complex, especially on today’s database driven platforms. Technology now has an equal seat at the creative table with the writing and design. Yes, it now takes a geek to help crystallize the creative process and launch “big idea” creative strategies that fly ahead of the competition. We know this seems like an oxymoron: a linear thinking, code writing programmer with big picture perspective. But not here at Mays. We’ve always had a senior level programmer on our web development team. We call our team the Web Triumvirate©:Writer, Designer, and Programmer working together to develop and build the next generation interactive web experience for the public. This “power of three” in web development makes Mays the best choice for your next website.